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In today’s fast-moving, ever-changing world, we at Queen Mary understand that for you to invest your time to study with us, the programmes we offer must be of the highest quality and relevance. We know you expect nothing less than world-class teaching, delivered by leading academics and professionals at the top of their game. Our aim is not just to meet your expectations but to exceed them.

The distance learning format appealed to my work/life balance. It was very beneficial being able to continue to work and place what I was learning into the international media context within which I work. The ability to be able to study during the hours that suit me made this work. 
Keith Parsons, International Relations MA 

Experinece a world-class education at a top university in a supportive and inspiring environment. We are committedto maintaining ground-breaking research, outstanding teaching, excellent graduate employability and links with business and the public sector, earning us a place in the prestigious Russell Group.

The Group attracts the brightest students from all over the world, as well as almost two-thirds of available research funding in the UK. The exceptional standards of research and teaching at Russell Group universities means that as a graduate, you'll be especially valued by employers, which will give you a head start when you apply for jobs or further study.

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Benefits of studying with a Russell Group uni

Research excellence and innovation

Queen Mary facilitates world-leading research across all academic schools and departments, with an impressive track record of initiating exciting and innovative interdisciplinary collaborations. By joining one of our masters programmes, you will be part of a thriving research community, with access to some of the most brilliant minds in your discipline.

Student experience

Hear from current student Juan Cilliers as he explains why he chose to do his degree with Queen Mary Online.

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Juan [00:00:02] So firstly, one of the striking features of the course, and Queen Mary in general, is the fact that it's one of the Russell Group, which of course makes it easy for you to find opportunities after your studies. And then also specifically in the School of International Arbitration at Queen Mary, I believe it was one of the first really academic institutions that focus solely on the international arbitration.

[00:00:29] And that was really setting the trend going forward and developing the whole field in general. So I looked at the staff that was part of the International Dispute Resolution Programme. Typically, they are both in practise, but also academics. That was appealing to me as well. And just the fact that, like I say, Queen Mary's International Arbitration School is just so known.

[00:00:56] Typically, when you go to say, for example, practitioners discussion or something with practitioners would be present, they would always revert back to say a survey that's been done by Queen Mary School of International Arbitration.

[00:01:11] It's so well known, it's so renowned in the field that it was just a no brainer for me at the end of the day to join Queen Mary specifically for its arbitration programme. And I don't regret a second of my journey at Queen Mary. It's just been so informative and I've learnt a lot, so Queen Marys really impressed me thus far.

International outlook


QMUL is committed to ensuring that our international students receive the best possible educational, cultural, and social experiences on offer. We are proud to host such a diverse and talented group of international scholars, and believe this is testament to the high quality of our teaching and research, as well the international character of the QMUL community.
Professor David Sadler, Vice Principal (International)

To join Queen Mary is to become part of a truly global community. Thirty five per cent of QMUL students are from outside the UK, and the university boasts an impressive international teaching body, with more than a third of our staff coming from overseas. Our partnerships and activities around the world allow us to deliver teaching and research with an international dimension and impact.